Bright Star Handyman Service is a family owned and operated business founded in 1998 by Lee Geiger, in Haddonfield, NJ.  In 2014, Lee's son Myles Geiger was brought on as a partner and has since expanded from the South Jersey area into Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania area.  Myles grew up in Haddonfield and attended Haddonfield Memorial High School, class of 2008.  He got his Associates degree in Marketing from Camden County Community College and is planning on finishing his four year degree soon enough! He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.  

Since making Myles a partner and expanding the company into Philadelphia, Bright Star Handyman Service has also broadened their specialties and their company size, doubling in just 1 year!  Not only is there a focus on beautiful residential homes, many of which are historical in Haddonfield, but they also specialize in fixing and working on rehab properties - you can check out our portfolio here

Lee and Myles are a great team, who are also family men.  
They are reliable, caring, and trustworthy.  

Bright Star Handyman Service:
Turning properties into houses,
Turning houses into homes,
Making Philadelphia and South Jersey homes brighter